The Beatles…

Why in my opinion The Beatles ARE the greatest EVER band!

I first heard a Beatles song when I was around 10/11, my mum played me Yellow Submarine and I absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately that was the only song I got a chance to listen to.

I didn’t have any idea of how much great music they had made or how much of an impact they had on the world!

But recently I started listening to more of their music and I have been amazed by how good they was, I went to my local library and loaned a book about them and their story because I was so interested in them and wanted to learn more. I have read the book and I am amazed by their rise and how much success they had.

When you look at the highly successful boy bands of the 21st century like for example One Direction (no disrespect to 1D) what they’ve done is amazing but there is no comparison to The Beatles in terms of musical talent.

They have so many songs with completely different sounds and meanings. John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s song writing ability was incredible!

I could literally listen to The Beatles all day and not get bored.

Whether another band will have as much talent as The Beatles remains to be seen but there is no doubt how great they was and how much amazing music they made for us to enjoy!


My favorite Beatles songs are Come Together, I Want To Hold Your Hand and Get Back.



My first post!


So this is my first post! not sure why I actually created this blog, think I am bored and feel like typing stuff in my spare time, hopefully it will be interesting. 

So yeah my name is Mike, I am 20 years young and I am a chef. I enjoy doing random/crazy things and just being weird.

Basically I am going to be posting about things that interest me and once I get a camera I will upload videos of me doing random things!


Until then.